Enabling customer experience and delivering differentiation

The environment for financial service firms is constantly evolving. Current and proposed changes to the regulatory framework and higher costs of capital have forced our clients to evaluate their business models. At the same time, our client’s shareholders are demanding that firms produce higher profits with fewer employees and associated costs.

In the post financial crisis world, banks and other financial intermediaries are impacted by multiple new regulations and new acts. To compete successfully in this environment, financial services firms need to execute on a customer-centric Digital strategy and have an ability to provide Omni channel high touch service through efficient operations. This requires a unique end-to-end approach, a combination of business and IT consulting that is scalable and adaptive to various customer needs and channels allowing them to deliver the right services to the right customer at the right time. These challenges demand an integrated approach to managing opportunities and business risks.

Virtusa is helping transform today’s financial services firms into tomorrow’s market leaders.

With the domain expertise of 25+ years in serving top clients, Virtusa delivered successful solutions that have transformed sevaral Global banks, top brokerage firms and card and payment providers. Our customized consultative approach with a dedicated Financial Services domain practice combining Business & Operations; Governance, Risk and Compliance; Banking & Capital Markets professionals has been our key differentiator. Our strong technology delivery and strong partnerships with leading product vendors and the innovative solutions in regulatory Compliance, Product Control, Finance performance improvement, strategy and Business performance improvement make us a service provider of choice.

Our targeted vertical solutions combining industry leading business consulting and transformational technology expertise provides our clients with competitive advantage while the focus on creating a distinctive millennial experiences for customers and employees helps customer acquisition, cross selling and drive retention and employee satisfaction. Success for our clients and their shareholders can be seen in a drive to innovation, accelerated time-to-market, improved customer experience and increased productivity.

We work with Banks and financial services firms to transform them into market leaders through our industry leading business consulting, cutting edge solutions and transformational technology expertise we provide them the competitive advantage.

Transformational offerings:

  • Client Onboarding: Streamlined account opening across multiple products
  • GRC: AML & KYC, FATCA, MFID and Form PF: Helping customers define processes and deploy automated solutions to meet regulatory demands
  • Liquidity Risk Management Reporting solution: Increasing speed and transparency
  • Payment & Dispute Management: Increasing the efficiency of handling exceptions

We help create distinctive millennial experiences as a key to engage customers. At the same time, look at improving efficiencies of Business as Usual operations and reduce enterprise risk.

Millennial offerings:

  • Digital & Mobile Banking: Next generation millennial services such as P2P payments, Mobile check deposit and photo bill payment
  • Mobile Wallet: Mobile wallet service framework and secure tokenization
  • Call Center Optimization & Gamification: Employing gamified techniques to drive productivity
  • Customer Analytics and marketing framework: Leverage power of big data and digital content to drive targeted offers across channels