NextGen ATM as Thin Client

With changes in the technology landscape, and with customers increasingly moving towards online and mobile banking, the traditional ATM, which was limited to dispense cash, is being reinvented. While on one hand, the ATM is being enhanced to offer services on par with a branch, on the other side, banks are working to ensure a seamless and consistent customer experience across the multiple channels of interaction.

The ATM is emerging as a key area of innovation for banks. They can be transformed to offer features traditionally offered in branches and bank staff can be freed to engage their customers in higher value advisory and sales conversations. Newer technologies can be integrated into ATM platforms to offer richer customer experiences. This next generation ATMs have become a critical focus area for bank’s business strategies.

Key features

  • ATM Vendor Independent - Hardware can be upgraded or replaced without affecting the application layer
  • Location independent - Access regardless of device location
  • Platform independent - supports Linux, Windows, MacOS
  • Architecture flexibility - clear separation of application layers with inbuilt strong security framework and scalability

NextGen ATM: End to End Services

Virtusa provides a comprehensive service offering to help banks implement their Smart ATM platform. This consists of the following:

  • Consulting Service: Framework ,Network ,Security and Solution Design
  • Prototyping Service: New Frameworks and message protocols
  • Migration: Migration to new framework ,OS and ATM model
  • Development: New ATM application development and enhancement
  • Integration Support: Migration support and system enhancements
  • Testing (Manual & Automation): Functional ,Performance, Security, Usability

Virtusa’s NextGen ATM accelerator platform helps client’s jumpstart an ATM platform initiative and cut down implementation time by ~30%

Solution Highlights

Uniform customer interface

Single application across multiple devices

Simplified administration

Easy monitoring and management

Intuitive UI & personalization

Business rules and authored selection of widgets for personalized display with demographics and behavioral inputs

High customization

Value added services

Customized applications

Less dependence on h/w vendors

Lower maintenance costs

Uniform platform for reduced TCO

Support across all standard OS’

End to End Services

From Consulting & design to Implementation & Testing