Efficient client on-boarding

With the changing market dynamics, increasing competition and stringent regulatory scrutiny, client on-boarding has become a crucial element for Capital Market firms. Regulations such as KYC, AML, FATCA, Dodd Frank and MiFID-II focus on transparency and seek mandatory information from financial firms while on-boarding their clients.

Virtusa’s on-boarding framework leverages BPM (Business Process Management), CEM (Customer Experience Management) and EIM (Enterprise Information Management) technologies. The framework integrates with other external (Watch List, Risk Rating) and internal (Client Reference Data) systems to maximize STP (Straight Through Processing) while meeting the regulatory guidelines.

Virtusa’s client on-boarding framework:

  • Enables compliance with KYC, AML, FATCA, Dodd Frank and MiFID-II regulations
  • Business use-case pack for accelerated development
  • Frameworks on two technology platforms to cater to different institution types (small, medium, large)
  • Assessment framework with methodology, question set, scoring mechanism and best practices
  • Comprehensive workflow coverage including client services, compliance, legal, credit and operations
  • Client web portal for direct client communication and to see on-boarding progress

Why Virtusa?

  • Consultants with hands on experience on client on-boarding initiatives
  • Consulting-led assessment framework to review existing processes, propose best-fit models, anda roadmap to fulfil gap and meet business needs
  • Accelerated client on-boarding implementation methodology, business use cases and working framework
  • Extended framework around post-on boarded client initiatives like setting trading limits, managing client invoices and payables, etc.