Client Lifecycle Management

Today, banks and financial institutions operate globally, facing different regulations in different parts of the world. In addition, due to the diversity of their client base, managing client information and timely on-boarding has become increasingly complex. Given the changing regulatory landscape, firms are enhancing their KYC and client on-boarding platforms to make the on-boarding process not only efficient but also to be compliant with all the new regulations.
Virtusa has developed deep domain expertise and technology solutions to offer customized solutions as per your needs. We can offer solutions to suit any budget and scope of implementation.

Customer On-boarding

A scalable framework built with industry standard workflows to build business rules and validations, to offer new innovative product variants and to adapt to changing regulatory & compliance norms.

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Software Robotics

In recent times, there has been a lot of buzz on deploying software robotics or a virtual workforce to bring efficiency in operations while reducing operations headcount and error rate.

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CLM Hub is a tool that integrates/orchestrates different systems (like KYC, Credit, Onboarding, Legal) in the background to give a single/unified of the client on-boarding process.

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Know Your Customer

Virtusa’s bespoke KYC solution and KYC product partnerships gives a range of offerings to cover different client requirements.

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FATCA Compliance

The importance of FATCA regulation for the BFS industry

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Client remediation is an ongoing operational activity in banks and related financial institutions. Remediation is applicable for regulatory changes, periodic review and news alerts.

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