Call Center Transformation

Operations group and under constant pressure to reduce the cost of operation, improve efficiency and increase customer satisfaction. The stakes are high as the financial services companies are evaluated on their customer service performance in their operations and call centers. Call / Service center, Back Office operations consists of large teams, performing almost repeatable tasks but have huge impact on customer satisfaction.
From contact center contact with retail consumers to operations support functions for large corporations and buy side firms, top notch responsiveness and service is a key. Firms risk immediate social media backlash on the consumer front from poor service or risk of losing corporate accounts during RFP if operational capabilities are rated poorly.
Virtusa has developed an industry leading approach to work with our clients to segment the opportunity areas into 4 distinct categories which individually can be focused to bring significant efficiencies to financial services call center organization. These areas represent opportunities to achieve cost reduction, improve employee satisfaction and increase customer service performance. We have developed solution approach that:
  • Improve employee productivity - help organizations construct a millennial friendly workplace that supports today’s technology savvy digital employees while combining gamification techniques that can improve productivity by 25\%.
  • Accelerate employee onboarding – can help organizations achieve 30-50\% reduction in time to productivity where there is constant hiring and onboarding required due to higher attrition.
  • Transform the service model - Many organizations continue to employ service models that were designed 10-20 years ago and have not been updated to reflect current global business models, customer segmentation opportunities, technology advances in mobile and data analytics or the demographic shift to millennial employees. Virtusa’s solutions can rapidly help customers align their service model and optimize their structure leading to savings that can range for 10-25\%.
  • Optimize the call center and operations-Technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace presenting opportunities to continuously seek improvements in typical core metrics including agent productivity, call handling time, right first time and self-service. Virtusa’s consulting and technology solutions can lead to direct results in short time frames versus traditional approaches. From advances in biometrics that can transform custom identification and authorization process that can overhaul login to password resets to the use of software robots to drive further automation of repetitive tasks, Virtusa’s has the technology skills , assets and consulting know how to quickly bring bottom line results.