Upgrade & Enhancements

Broadridge upgrades and enhancements are repetitive initiatives undertaken by all Broadridge Clients. Virtusa has experts who have years of Impact upgrade/enhancement experience with a proven track record of successful delivery.

Client Profiling

Virtusa provides advisory assistance and can work alongside client in production support roles to assist client with validation of Broadridge fixes, enhancements and/or upgrades.

  • Current Broadridge Infrastructure Assessment
  • Broadridge Release Notes review and customized client recommendations.
  • Develop a comprehensive project plan with Broadridge , IT , Business and peripheral systems


Virtusa will provide specific LOB training as if relates to new functionality and complete knowledge transfer from consultants to end users.

  • Provide test script scenario build
  • Expected results build and validation


Virtusa can also leverage internal tools to automate and package the upgrade QA piece for BR clients who will provide clients with faster time to market and considerable savings on QA:

  • Automating the creation of test suites to validate the functionality in Broadridge
  • Automating solution for Functionality validation and test script expected results
  • Develop Sanity, Alpha & Regression Test Packs
  • Develop Performance Test suites
  • 24X7 Monitoring Services


On March 3rd, 2016, Virtusa Corporation acquired a majority interest in Polaris Consulting & Services Limited. VirtusaPolaris, our new market-facing brand, represents the combined strengths of Virtusa and Polaris, including our strong software engineering heritage, deep domain expertise and focus on applying innovation to solving critical core business issues for clients.

www.virtusapolaris.com, our new website is where we provide our latest thinking.