Fostering creativity to identify new digital opportunities in your industry

A new wave of disruption led by technologies like Mobile, Social, Big Data and Cloud are forcing companies to innovate and introduce new products and services at an unprecedented pace. The ripple effects of these technologies and an ‘always on’ millennial generation are transforming the fundamentals of the way we do business across industries. This has resulted in the need for crafting a millennial strategy, re-visiting traditional business models, optimizing operations and core processes and enabling the workforce.

Is your business ready for this millennial challenge?

Register for an interactive workshop with Virtusa to explore, discuss and create your millennial opportunities.

Millennial Advisory Day workshop process:

Key takeaways from the workshop:

  • Identifying and analyzing millennial market opportunities in your industry
  • Understanding skill sets, resources , technical architecture and technologies required for your millennial transformation
  • Enhancing workforce productivity and client relationship with Gamification
  • Creating millennial journey roadmap with risk mitigation specific to your business objectives

Duration: 1- 4 days, culminating in a 4-8 hour workshop, depending on the client environment

Who should attend:

  • Typically 10-15 client participants with cross functional responsibilities
  • Executives in charge of future digital strategies (CIO, CMO, CDO, etc.)
  • Line of Business owners (Representation from business area or operation group where transformation is targeted) , technology leaders and solution architects

At Virtusa, there are thousands of experts engaged in delivering transformative millennial solutions for clients across all of the industries we serve. Using our proven Advisory Day process, we provide a structured approach for igniting and prioritizing ideas to accelerate millennial transformation.


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