Making the shift to a new Millennial Enterprise

By 2025, about 69% of the US workers and 75% of the Indian workforce will be Millennials.
22 million
By 2030, US Millennials will outnumber non-Millennials by 22 million.
30 hours
Millennials gorge themselves on all types of media and spend over 30 hours per week using the internet, using their mobile devices and playing video games

Corporations and business leaders are facing some of the most disruptive changes of a generation. Digitally savvy consumers and advances in technology are at the forefront of a paradigm shift in user expectations. The emergence of a new generation of digital natives, unlike digital migrants, is reshaping the expectations of the end consumer and employee.

At the same time, four disruptive technologies are enabling corporations to innovate and introduce new products and services at an unprecedented pace.

Driven mainly by the advent and maturation of Mobile, Social, Big Data and Cloud, many of today's products and services that don't leverage these technologies can lose market share or even become obsolete, creating competitive threats for some of today's best known brands.

And in a more connected world, competition can emerge from all corners of the globe. The need for enterprises to accelerate innovation and introduce their products and services faster has never been greater.

This whitepaper is the first in a series to take a deeper look at these changes and provide enterprises a way to assess the current state of their business and develop a strategy and roadmap for first surviving and then excelling in the millennial world.

Virtusa's Senior Vice President, Frank Palermo and Senior Vice President and General Manager, Madu Ratnayake in their co-authored whitepaper, 'Making the shift to a new Millennial Enterprise' address these major challenges as they help organizations prepare for a transformational journey to be Millennial ready.

Through the whitepaper, Frank and Madu encourage organizations to remain agile, foster a culture of innovation, integrate deeply, listen to customers, be aware of one's competition and execute successfully to manage change and remain competitive in the Millennial era.

Discover the four disruptive technology trends that are driving the Millennial wave, learn how to sell to the 'Millennial Consumer' and understand how to engage the 'Millennial Worker' and much more!