Major Contender' in Everest Group's PEAK Matrix for IT Outsourcing in Insurance Services

The need to ‘run the business’ with greater efficiency and yet envision ‘change the business’ initiatives remains a key challenge for leading global insurers. Virtusa helps global insurers achieve this dual objective through transformational solutions. Be it claims and policy administration platforms or improving customer experience through analytics, Virtusa has the right team to deliver results.

Virtusa's Insurance practice has been recognized and positioned as a 'Major Contender' in Everest Group's PEAK (Performance, Experience, Ability and Knowledge) Matrix for IT Outsourcing in Insurance Services. PEAK Matrix is a framework to assess relative market success and overall capability of service providers.

Virtusa was assessed and recognized for its capabilities across multiple areas, including:

  • Innovative solutions for insurers including actuarial modernization framework (consulting framework and action planning tool) and accelerated solution design (framework for program roadmap planning and solution design)
  • Proprietary enterprise level solutions including ERA, vPoint, VRule framework, Global Innovation Process, etc.
  • Strong insurance AO portfolio with capabilities across ADM, testing, and package implementation services
  • Acquisition of Convista in 2010 and Insource in 2009 bolstered consulting capabilities in the insurance sector
  • High buyer satisfaction levels with key areas of strength being alliances with strong players in the market and high quality of resources

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