Customer lifecycle management – 5 key considerations for telco CIOs

It’s a no brainer that customer experience is paramount for any industry; especially in the telecom space with so many service providers competing for a share in the customer’s wallet. But the recent Forester research that focused on 2014 CXi Scores for 28 UK Brands concluded that telco service... Read More Posted in: CEM, Telecom

EU telecom market, sans roaming charges

Under the new European telecom regulations, roaming charges for voice calls, texts and Internet access will be completely scrapped. In 2015, consumers from European Union member states will be able to use their mobile services at the same price as their native mobile services while roaming. This new regulation... Read More Posted in: Telecom

Gamification: Next growth propeller for banks

Banks and Financial Institutions (FIs) have been trying hard to gain customers and increase market share in the retail customer segment. Traditionally, a bank’s distribution channel via extensive branch network used to guarantee that the prospects could always reach the bank and do business with them. Now, because of... Read More Posted in: Banking & Financial Services, Gamification, Millennial Enterprise

A travel app for the millennial age

Most of us travel at some point, whether for business or leisure. Often it’s an itinerary we are very used to, however sometimes it’s somewhere new which entails us stepping out of our comfort zone. However whether familiar or unfamiliar, sometimes things go wrong. To help with the travel... Read More Posted in: CEM, Enterprise Mobility, Millennial Enterprise

Performance test design – Top 5 considerations

When we give top down estimates for performance testing in scope, we normally consider the application type and the type of protocol. Once the application is ready, we discover that the performance testing effort needed is much higher due to various factors like environment availability, instable code, incompatible tool... Read More Posted in: Software Testing

Leveraging gamification to uphold meritocracy

Which is a bigger challenge – improving the performance of the lowest performers in your workforce or keeping the highest performers motivated enough to keep improving their output? This question is not specific to any particular industry. It is relevant to any enterprise with a workforce; especially organizations that... Read More Posted in: Gamification, Millennial Enterprise

Five reasons your business needs a digital platform

It’s surprising how the addition of one mobile channel increases the number of digital mediums of interaction. The mobile channel not only includes phones, tablets, wearables, connected devices, etc., but it also delivers an experience based on the context. When a mobile device is used at work or home,... Read More Posted in: Enterprise Mobility

Big data: Start small

How does an enterprise leverage Big Data Technologies? What is the right strategy? Despite the current buzz around the benefits of Big Data, the CXO community is still learning how to strategically use it. Based on my discussions with more than 25 leaders across large and medium enterprises, there... Read More Posted in: Uncategorized

What should enterprises keep in mind while evaluating CMS solutions?

Content-centric solutions have been steadily rising across all industries over the past decade to consistently deliver top-notch and high-quality digital experiences to their customers. Many enterprises are wizards in their respective fields, but there lies a question as to how many of them understand the fundamental importance of adoption... Read More Posted in: ECM

Getting your head into cloud: Gaining agility in your business

In this Millennial age, it’s amazing that I still hear companies say cloud computing is not part of their strategy or they can’t run the risk of storing secure data in the cloud. It’s kind of like saying they still work by candlelight despite the invention of the light... Read More Posted in: Cloud Computing, Millennial Enterprise