A symphony of product owner, DevOps team and scrum master brings real business agility

“You can’t simply ask what customers really want and then try to give that to them, by the time you get it built, they will want something new.” This interesting quote from Steve Jobs has only become more meaningful and relevant in today’s context. Technology advancements, business dynamics and... Read More Posted in: Large IT Programs, Process

Database of Things (DoT): The future of database. Has it’s time come?

The next big thing in information and communication technology is the ‘Internet of Things (IoT)’. IoT will change the way devices, traditionally considered as unintelligent, start communicating through internet and in the process enrich our lives. For the end user, everything appears to happen automatically, but in reality the... Read More Posted in: DWBI, IoT (Internet of Things)

Important factors impacting cloud testing

Cloud as a technology is no longer new. Many organizations are openly adopting cloud based services and many others are migrating existing services to cloud. This change or adoption of cloud does raise many questions – “what are the important factors impacting cloud testing?”, “how should we test the... Read More Posted in: Cloud Computing, Software Testing

Setting new standards through data driven decision-making

The first wave of the web connected people and sources of information. The second wave saw the social media connecting businesses and ordinary people. Now, however, we find ourselves beginning to ride the third wave of connectivity – one in which everyday objects become connected, and technology interweaves with... Read More Posted in: DWBI, Technology meets Business

Vanguard of digital disruption – Is it the design or the technology?

The last decade has seen a sharp rise in technological maturity of the human civilization. The sheer number of products and devices that humans are dependent on today far outnumber that of the technological dependency of all the previous generations put together. And this number is going to further... Read More Posted in: Technology meets Business

Are insurers doing enough to brace themselves for the digital disruption?

“In the struggle for survival, the fittest win out at the expense of their rivals because they succeed in adapting themselves best to their environment.” Although Charles Darwin is often attributed for this quotation, there is no concrete evidence to support it. Regardless, this holds true in the context... Read More Posted in: Insurance

Reimagining quality of BPM implementations for a great customer experience

Recently, I had the pleasure of hosting a webinar with Forrester analyst, Clay Richardson, and Venkata Ramana Lanka (LRV), Senior Director and Solutions Leader within the Independent Software Quality practice at Virtusa. The webinar with the topic “Embrace change, ADOPT for success” we discussed on the need to reimagine... Read More Posted in: BPM, Software Testing

How Windows 10 Can Help Improve Business Processes

Windows 10 may just seem like the next major release of an old-time standard desktop operating system, but there is a lot more at play. Windows 10 is an entirely new version of Microsoft’s standard desktop operating system. It’s also a bit of a microcosm of the greater Microsoft... Read More Posted in: Technology, Technology meets Business

How geolocation mapping can safeguard customers’ financial transactions

The customer is always at the centre of innovation. New business propositions are being tested out almost daily to deliver services that provide engaging experiences and more convenience. Contactless payments are a great example of an innovation that has made customers lives easier. And with the Internet of Things... Read More Posted in: Banking & Financial Services, Enterprise Mobility, Telecom

Key considerations for effective mobile testing

The World Quality Report mentions that “testing is becoming ever more critical as consumers expect a seamless end-user experience across multi-channel applications and devices in an ‘always-on’ world.” Mobile testing has no doubt exploded in the last four to five years with more users moving towards mobile. Users are... Read More Posted in: Enterprise Mobility, Software Testing