Developing a performance management system: Key considerations for a healthcare provider

Research by Donald M.Berwick and Andrew D.Hackbarth in April 2012 estimated that five categories of healthcare cost waste consumed $476 -$992 billion or 18% to 37% of the approximately $2.6 trillion annual total of all health spending in the US in 2011. There are multiple factors that lead to... Read More Posted in: DWBI, Healthcare

What should Telco CIOs keep in mind about Big Data?

CIOs of Telco companies understand the benefits of big data, as it provides them the ability to collate, correlate and normalize data across a variety of both structured and unstructured sources. Big data is comprehensive compared to the previously siloed approach used by organizations while structuring the data. The... Read More Posted in: DWBI

5 reasons why financial institutions should adopt dashboard technology

The financial services industry is feeling increased pressure as compliance and risk management needs steadily increase. Driving this pressure are the new federal banking regulations and the increasing dollar amount of regulatory fines. Financial institutions’ senior leadership is faced with new challenges around managing risk in addition to managing... Read More Posted in: Banking & Financial Services, DWBI, Technology meets Business

Why leveraging socio gamification in an enterprise will drive more value

Every game has a defined way to win. The real question is how many players play a game for the sole purpose of winning. According to Professor Richard Bartle from the University of Essex, the primary type of players (80%) are “Socializers” who join a game purely to interact... Read More Posted in: Millennial Enterprise, Uncategorized

At PegaWORLD 2014, the power to change will be on the horizon

It is always pleasant to have something to really look forward to on the business calendar. Such an event is just around the corner for me – Pegasystems’ PegaWORLD2014 Conference – a highlight for anyone interested in Business Process Management (BPM). This year the host city is Washington DC... Read More Posted in: BPM

Cloud: A melting pot for Innovations

With its promise of lower capex spending and a lower IT footprint to manage, cloud computing is increasingly becoming a go-to option for enterprises when evaluating their IT and apps spending during refresh cycles. Virtualization and automation of service provisioning is enabling IT to be leveraged more efficiently. Adoption... Read More Posted in: Cloud Computing, Millennial Enterprise

Digital Disruption in Retail Banking

The retail banking industry today is undergoing change at levels not seen heretofore. There are two primary drivers of this change: demographics and technology. There are 83 million millennials, people born after 1980, who came of age around the millennium. This makes millennials the largest demographic today at about... Read More Posted in: Banking & Financial Services, Millennial Enterprise

Banking operations: Planning for Liquidity Risk

The 2007/08 global financial crisis has reaffirmed the importance of liquidity risk. In the world of efficient financial markets with perfect information, banks could only fail if their underlying fundamentals are not good. In such markets, banks can always finance their liquidity demands by borrowing from wholesale markets. But,... Read More Posted in: Banking & Financial Services

Bring Your Own Wallet

Today, the ‘mobile wallet’ is an overused buzzword discussed and debated by a variety of industries. Payment companies, financial institutions and merchants of all sizes are all vying for consumer attention. Technology companies, mobile network operators (MNOs), start-ups and even marketing companies are joining forces to innovate in this... Read More Posted in: Banking & Financial Services, Uncategorized

3 ways credit card providers can use BPM to enrich their service offerings and achieve business transformation

Business process management (BPM) in credit card services has covered credit card issuance, card servicing and bills management, but in 2014-2015 the focus is going to be more on better customer service, best in class case management systems and dispute management. With increasing security breaches and data thefts taking... Read More Posted in: Banking & Financial Services, BPM, Uncategorized