Bring Your Own Wallet

Today, the ‘mobile wallet’ is an overused buzzword discussed and debated by a variety of industries. Payment companies, financial institutions and merchants of all sizes are all vying for consumer attention. Technology companies, mobile network operators (MNOs), start-ups and even marketing companies are joining forces to innovate in this... Read More Posted in: Banking & Financial Services, Uncategorized

3 ways credit card providers can use BPM to enrich their service offerings and achieve business transformation

Business process management (BPM) in credit card services has covered credit card issuance, card servicing and bills management, but in 2014-2015 the focus is going to be more on better customer service, best in class case management systems and dispute management. With increasing security breaches and data thefts taking... Read More Posted in: Banking & Financial Services, BPM, Uncategorized

Enabling the mobile enterprise for an omni channel experience

It is now more than business as usual to have Customer Experience start with Mobile Experience. Smart organizations are building “omni channel” solutions to provide a consistent user experience across multiple channels, realizing that mobile may be the starting point of the customer journey. Organizations that have invested in... Read More Posted in: CEM

Impact of spreadsheets and manual processes on enterprise risk

Financial services firms are stuck in a tangled web of data and legacy systems. This model will not sustain today’s business environment, which is largely defined by new regulations and the changes firms need to make to comply. The industry is also challenged with low trading volumes, shortened settlement... Read More Posted in: Banking & Financial Services, Large IT Programs, Technology meets Business, Uncategorized

Medicare claims data: 3 Analytics solution ideas for Payers and Providers to enhance customer experience

The billing (claims) data of healthcare providers for the United States Medicare Program, which is considered to be one of the most important healthcare programs to be held private for almost 35 years, was made available to the public on April 9, 2014. The data that will be available... Read More Posted in: Healthcare

“Big Data” or “Big Time Security Breach”?

The well-established perception that data security is a combination of people, process and technology holds good for “Big Data”, as well as any other kind of data. In the “Big Data World” data security gets more complex and magnified, but the fundamental issues remain the same. Recent studies reveal... Read More Posted in: DWBI

Testing Data Warehouse – A four step approach (Part II)

In my previous post  I elaborated on the key factors to be ensured in Data Quality Validation and End User & BI / Report Testing for an effective outcome. Data Quality Validation comprises of test for data completeness, data transformation and data quality. In this post I shall explain... Read More Posted in: DWBI, Software Testing

Testing Data Warehouse – A four step approach (Part I)

The success of any Data Warehouse (DWH) solution lies in its ability to not only analyze huge amounts of data over time but also to provide stakeholders and end-users meaningful options that are based on real-time data. While details are elaborated below, it is essential that a good DWH... Read More Posted in: DWBI, Software Testing

Impact of new regulations on European financial institutions: Crystal ball gazing for opportunities

The European financial crisis displayed numerous limitations in supervising the regulations of the financial sector, causing a severe disruption of the system. To reduce the intensity of the impact on the economy and to avoid a similar outbreak in future, the Group of Twenty (G20) helped establish the foundation... Read More Posted in: Banking & Financial Services

Customer centricity in the real world

The Millennial generation has grown up with information technology and they expect their interactions with Business to Consumer (B2C) IT systems, whether sales or service focused, to consistently deliver top-quality customer service experiences. More so than previous generations, they are both heavily marketed to by brands and very brand... Read More Posted in: Millennial Enterprise